Application for Irish Passport

​In order to apply for an Irish passport, you must be an Irish citizen.  That means that you must either have a parent that was born in Ireland, or you must have registered your birth on the Foreign Births Registry and obtained your Irish citizenship certificate.  It is common for people to be unaware that they are automatically Irish citizens if they have a parent that was born in Ireland.  In this case, it is a great idea to obtain an Irish passport as it serves as proof of your Irish citizenship. 

​Whether your parent was born in Ireland or you have applied for and obtained Irish citizenship (registered your birth on the FBR), we can assist in the process.  We identify and gather the required vital records for an application.  We also review and analyze the vital records obtained by an applicant to confirm they are sufficient to submit with an application.  We also handle the entire passport application process by drafting the Irish passport applications and provide detailed instructions to our clients to ensure they sign the application correctly and before a proper witness.  We also manage the other supporting identity documents that must be submitted with the application, and we organize the entire package before submitting it to the Irish Consulate office.

​We are in regular contact with several Irish Consulate offices throughout the world, so we can answer questions about change of address, applying with siblings, name changes, and discrepancies in records.

Irish Passport Application Package:  This fee includes our drafting the Irish passport application for a first-time applicant. We will draft the application and send it to client with detailed instructions for signing itw before a proper witness, including how the witness must sign and what information is required from the witness. We also advise regarding the proof of I.D. and address documents that are required, as well as the passport photos that must be submitted. We will collect the completed application and other documentation from the applicant and review it for accuracy and to confirm it is sufficiently completed within the guidelines of the Irish Consul General. We will organize the documents, including the required vital records, make the appropriate copies for submission, as required, and send the package via USPS Priority mail with tracking to the Irish Consulate's office. Includes Priority mailing to Irish Consulate office within the U.S.   $235.00. 

Irish Passport Application Processing Fee: This is the fee charged by the Irish Consulate's office to process a first-time application for an Irish passport. It also includes the fee for a cashier's check, as required by the Irish Consulate.  $140.00

Passport Application Mailing Fee:  *Applicable only to residents outside of the U.S.*  This is the fee to ship the client's passport application package to the designated Consulate office outside of the U.S.  by USPS express international mailing, with delivery in 3-5 business days, and tracking to the nearest postal office.   $67.50 

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