Irish Dual Citizenship By Marriage

​If you are the spouse or civil partner of an Irish citizen, you may be eligible to apply for Irish dual citizenship.  To be eligible, you must meet the following conditions:

           You must be married to (or in a recognized civil partnership with) an Irish
           citizen for at least 3 years.

           You must have had a period of one year's continous reckonable
           residence in Ireland immediately before the date of your application, 
           and during the four years preceding that, you must have had a
           reckonable residence in Ireland amounting to two or more years. 
           Thus, you must have a total of three years residence in Ireland out of
           the five years prior to your application.

           Your marriage must be recognized as valid under Irish law.

           You and your spouse must be living together as husband and wife or civil

           You must be of full age, good character and intend to continue to live in

​           You must have made a declaration of fidelity and loyalty to Ireland.

​In connection with an application for Irish dual citizenship by marriage,
you will be required to produce the following documents:

           Your spouse's Irish birth certificate or other evidence of Irish citizenship.

           Your marriage record.

           Your spouse must complete a sworn affidavit that you are living together
           as husband and wife or civil partners.

           Documents relating to your financial and employment status (e.g., pay
           slips and bank statements for the three months preceding the                  

Please note that waivers are occasionally granted for some of the above requirements.  To determine whether you are eligible for a waiver, please contact your local citizenship office in Ireland.

​​Irish Citizenship Consultants can help you determine whether you are eligible for Irish dual citizenship by marriage.  We work with clients in Ireland to obtain the spouses' birth and marriage records necessary to process their dual citizenship applications.  In the case of a previous marriage, we also obtain the required divorce documents.  We connect with our clients abroad by Skype, Viper and email in order to minimize international calling costs.  Contact us today for a free consultation.