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Welcome to Irish Citizenship Consultants.  We assist eligible applicants from around the world in preparing for and submitting Irish citizenship applications and Irish passport applications.  We have the expertise and knowledge to adequately prepare each applicant's application package based on the individual's specific lineage and family history.  Our experience and regular contact with Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs allows us to adequately identify and address any issues that would otherwise cause an application to be delayed or rejected to ensure a sufficient application package is submitted.  We have an extremely high success rate in regards to both citizenship and passport applications.  We also help U.S. citizens obtain the necessary documents to                                          as well as for                             planning to get married in the U.S.                       about our services.  For more information regarding the benefits of Irish dual citizenship,                    To determine whether you are eligible to apply for Irish dual citizenship,
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Irish citizens
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     ​                              Irish Citizenship Consultants welcomes
                                   our UK clients!  If you are a UK citizen who may
                                   be eligible for Irish dual citizenship, we can help.
                                   We obtain the UK vital records necessary
                                   to apply for Irish citizenship.  This is in addition
                                   to the Irish and U.S. records we typically obtain.
                                   In light of last year's UK referendum decision,
                                   obtaining Irish citizenship would allow our UK
                                   clients to maintain their EU member rights.
                                   You can read more about the benefits of
                                  obtaining Irish citizenship following the UK
                                   referendum decision in our              blog post.

Our Services
  1. Irish Citizenship By Descent
    If you have a parent or grandparent who was born in Ireland, or a parent who obtained Irish citizenship prior to your birth, you may be eligible to apply for Irish citizenship. The eligibility requirements for claiming Irish citizenship by descent are complex and can be confusing. We can help you determine whether you are eligible, and obtain the Irish and U.S. vital records necessary to apply for Irish dual citizenship.
  2. Irish Citizenship By Marriage
    If you have been married to an Irish citizen for three years or more, and he/she has been an Irish citizen for at least three years, you may be eligible to apply for Irish dual citizenship by marriage. We can help you determine whether you are eligible to apply for Irish citizenship by marriage, and obtain the Irish and U.S. vital records necessary for your Irish dual citizenship application.
  3. Other Services
    If you are planning a stay in Ireland for more than three months, you will need a Type D "long stay" Visa. Getting married in Ireland? You must obtain and legalize certain U.S. vital records so they are acceptable for use in Ireland. Similarly, if you are an Irish citizen and plan on marrying in the U.S., you must have certain Irish documents authenticated for use in the U.S. We can assist you with these processes and more.
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What Our Clients Say

Kelly's assistance and knowledge base proved vital to our success in submitting our applications, and her prompt attention and customer service made the experience that much better.  I would recommend Irish Citizenship Consultants to anyone.
​                -- Sarah E., California

Professional and speedy, and saved me a lot of headache.
​                 -- Nicole C., New York 

Thank you for all your wonderful perseverance and assistance in making this happen. 
​               -- Byron S., Bangkok

​As my Irish grandmother would say in her Irish brogue, God love you child!
​               -- Stephen M., Minnesota

Could Your "English" Grandparent Actually Be Irish?
You may have assumed or been told that your grandparents were English.  However, if you are at all interested in applying for Irish citizenship, you should do some research to find your grandparents’ birth records.  Your grandparents may have actually been born in Ulster or Northern Ireland,
What the UK Referendum Decision Means for Irish Passport Holders
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On June 23,2016, the UK voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, with 51.9% of voters in favor of the decision and 48.1% in favor of remaining in the EU.  The European Union, usually referred to as the EU, is an...

Irish Citizenship Consultants

Irish Citizenship Consultants is a company that specializes in the Irish citizenship and passport application processes.  Founded in 2015, we are managed by an attorney in Chicago. We are professionals in identifying and obtaining the U.S. and Irish vital records necessary for your application, addressing issues, including discrepancies in vital records, that may cause an application to be delayed or rejected.  While we are based in the U.S., we have served U.S., UK and Canadian citizens residing in more than a dozen countries.  We also have genealogy employees in Ireland who help in finding Irish records that were not recorded by the government.  

Potential Challenge to Citizenship Laws For Those With Irish-Born Great Grandparents
In the fall of 2016, due to numerous clients’ interest in getting Irish citizenship for their children, we began working with solicitors (attorneys) in Ireland to challenge Ireland’s Citizenship Act.  Our goal is to open up eligibility to applicants with Irish-born great grandparents.  Our discussions have passed a first level review with our Irish solicitors...
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