Was Your Grandparent Born in Ireland?

If your grandparent was born in the Republic of Ireland, or in Northern Ireland, you are eligible to apply for Irish citizenship by descent.  This is the same as registering your birth on Ireland's Foreign Birth Registry.   We can help obtain the required vital records for your application package, and we also handle the entire application process.  

Our starting point depends on the information/records you have for/regarding your family’s Irish lineage.   If you contact us, we will send you a questionnaire to complete.  This will allow us to confirm your eligibility and determine the best starting point in your Irish citizenship journey.

Your application package must generally contain the certified long form copies of the birth, marriage, divorce, name change, and death records (where applicable) of your grandparent, your parent in that lineage, and yourself.  Depending on the events that took place in your lineage, additional records may also be required.  

Unless you know that an Irish birth or baptismal record exists for your grandparent, we suggest that we begin with the Irish birth search before moving on to obtaining the other records.  This is because the Irish birth record serves as the basis for your citizenship claim.  Our fee for the Irish birth search is $150.00.  (If you already have a copy of the record but require a certified copy, then the fee is $95.00.)   In some cases where the mother's maiden name cannot be found or determined, the fee for the Irish birth record is $200.00.

To initiate the Irish birth record search, we need your grandparent’s name, approximate date and location of birth, father's name, and mother's maiden name.  If you do not have this information, we would begin by obtaining that grandparent’s marriage or death record.  Depending on the location of those events, one of those records would give us the information we need to perform the Irish birth record search.

(Please note that although we find most births were registered in Ireland, that is not always the case. Some were not registered at the civil level prior to about 1909.  If the birth record is not found, we can initiate a search for the baptismal record.  A certified copy of the baptismal record can then be used to apply for late civil registration of the Irish birth record of the grandparent.  Additional charges apply for the baptismal record search and for the application for late registration of the grandparent's birth record. 

Our fees for obtaining the other records are itemized per record and depend on the location (and sometimes, the year) of each event.  We can provide you an itemized quote to obtain your family's records.  We use our genealogy databases in an effort to fill in gaps of missing information, but the more information you can provide, the better chance of success.   

If you already have all or most of the required records for your application(or if you will obtain them on your own), we can begin with a case analysis/vital records review.  

For the reasons noted above, the total fees for the entire process will vary based on each individual's Irish lineage and the relevant events.  In most cases, the entire process can be completed for under $2,000.    Please see the price menu below for information regarding our application processing fees.  

Do you believe you already have the records required for your application?  Wonderful!  We can take a look at your records and confirm that for you.  We will then advise you in detail regarding any missing or deficient records, and also help you determine how to address any discrepancies or other issues that might appear in the records.  

By the way, siblings and/or cousins can join your application and you can split the cost of obtaining the certified records as long as you are all living in the same country as each other!

Once you receive your Irish citizenship, you will be eligible to apply for an Irish passport!




Case Analysis (Vital Records Review)


Thorough review and analysis of client’s lineage to determine the records required for the citizenship application, and review and analysis of vital records obtained by the company and client to determine: 1) whether all of the required vital records have been obtained; 2) whether the records are in sufficient form (long form and properly certified); and 3) whether any issues/discrepancies exist that may cause the client's application package to be delayed or rejected.  If any such issues do exist, we will advise regarding the manner in which the issues/discrepancies should be addressed pursuant to the policies and practices of Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.  Includes ongoing analysis and review of records and lineage during the records preparation process, and advice regarding sufficiency of records and alternative search options and supporting documents. $150.00 for first applicant. $50.00 for each additional applicant.

Citizenship (FBR) Application Package

 This fee includes drafting the Irish citizenship application (application for registration on the Foreign Births Registry), electronically submitting the application, and sending a .pdf of the application to the applicant. We will provide detailed instructions regarding how to sign the application before a proper witness, as well as the requirements for a witness and the required documentation the witness must provide. We also provide instructions regarding the required proof of I.D. and address documents, and the passport photos. We will obtain the completed application and other required documents from the applicant, and review the same for sufficiency and compliance with the application rules set forth by the Foreign Births Registration office. We will organize the application package and include the required copies of each vital record to be submitted with the application. We will submit the application to the Foreign Births Registration office.  $255.00 for the first applicant. $235.00 for each joint/sibling applicant.

FBR PRocessing Fee

This is the fee charged by Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Foreign Births Registration Section, to process an application for citizenship (an application for registration on the FBR). This also includes international transaction fees and a Paypal processing fee.   $375.00 per applicant.

Application Package Mailing Fee


This is the fee to ship the client's application package by UPS express international mailing, with delivery in 3-5 business days, and tracking directly to the FBR office. $67.50 total for up to 4 applicants.