We provide full services with regards to Irish citizenship and passport applications.  We obtain the records required for an application, and we handle the entire application process as well.  

Records Procurement:  We assist in obtaining the required vital records for applications for Irish citizenship and for an Irish passport.  Our fees for this service depend upon the type of record(s), where the records are located, and sometimes, the year of the event.  The prices generally range from approximately $70 to $105 per record.  Our fees include research to confirm information provided by our clients regarding the event, processing the request for each vital record, following up with the records offices regarding the requests, reviewing each record to confirm it is properly certified, consulting and advising with our clients regarding discrepancies between two or more documents, as well as the need to request amendments to vital records for various reasons.  We can provide an itemized quote based on information provided by a client regarding the relevant records.

Case Analysis and Records Review:  Even if you have already obtained your own vital records, we can perform an analysis and review of the vital records to be used with your passport or citizenship application.  In our review, we confirm whether you have obtained the required records for your application, whether the records are in the proper format required by Ireland, and we look for discrepancies that may cause an application to be delayed or rejected.  In that case, we will provide advice regarding how to overcome the deficiency.  It alarms some clients that, depending on a particular applicant's lineage, they may even be required to produce records relating to an ancestor who is not even in the Irish lineage!  The fee for this service is $100 for the first applicant, and $25 for each additional/joint applicant.


FBR (Citizenship) Application Package:  This fee includes drafting the Irish citizenship application (application for registration on the Foreign Births Registry), electronically submitting the application, and sending a .pdf of the application to the applicant. We will provide detailed instructions regarding how to sign the application before a proper witness, as well as the requirements for a witness and the required documentation the witness must provide. We also provide instructions regarding the required proof of I.D. and address documents, and the passport photos. We will obtain the completed application and other required documents from the applicant, and review the same for sufficiency and compliance with the application rules set forth by the Foreign Births Registration office. We will organize the application package and include the required copies of each vital record to be submitted with the application. We will submit the application to the Foreign Births Registration office.  $255.00 for the first applicant.  $235.00 for each joint applicant.

Application Package Mailing Fee:  This is the fee to ship the client's application package by USPS express international mailing, with delivery in 3-5 business days, and tracking to the postal office in Dublin. $67.50

FBR Processing Fee:  This is the fee charged by Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Foreign Births Registration Section, to process an application for citizenship (an application for registration on the FBR).This also includes international transaction fees and a Paypal processing fee.  $375.00 per applicant.


Irish Passport Application Package:  This fee includes our drafting the Irish passport application for a first-time applicant. We will draft the application and send it to client with detailed instructions for signing itw before a proper witness, including how the witness must sign and what information is required from the witness. We also advise regarding the proof of I.D. and address documents that are required, as well as the passport photos that must be submitted. We will collect the completed application and other documentation from the applicant and review it for accuracy and to confirm it is sufficiently completed within the guidelines of the Irish Consul General. We will organize the documents, including the required vital records, make the appropriate copies for submission, as required, and send the package via USPS Priority mail with tracking to the Irish Consulate's office. Includes Priority mailing to Irish Consulate office within the U.S.   $255.00. 

Irish Passport Application Processing Fee: This is the fee charged by the Irish Consulate's office to process a first-time application for an Irish passport. It also includes the fee for a cashier's check, as required by the Irish Consulate.  $140.00

Passport Application Mailing Fee:  *Applicable only to residents outside of the U.S.*  This is the fee to ship the client's passport application package to the designated Consulate office outside of the U.S.  by USPS express international mailing, with delivery in 3-5 business days, and tracking to the nearest postal office.   $67.50 


Late Registration of an Irish Birth:  This includes the research required to complete an application for late registration of an Irish birth, drafting the application for the applicant's signature, and mailing the package (with tracking) to the Irish birth office, with the enclosed original certified baptismal record.  This also includes follow up with the birth office to answer any questions and provide any additional information requested, and the fee to obtain a certified copy of the newly registered birth.  $235.00

Adoption Registration:  We also the process of applying for registration of an adoption in Ireland.  We will handle the registration application, confirm proper support for the application, submit the application, and obtain the registration certificate.  This also includes the mailing fee with tracking to the nearest postal office in Dublin, and the fee for the registration certificate.  $235.00

Please note that we also draft affidavits in support of a citizenship application (where necessary), process amendments of vital records, and other relevant steps that are sometimes necessary to complete an application for Irish citizenship or for an Irish passport.