Do not have a parent or a grandparent who was born in Ireland? Check below to see if you are still e

 Even if you do not have a parent or grandparent who was born in Ireland, you may still be eligible to apply for Irish citizenship and an Irish passport.  

Great grandparent born in Ireland

Unfortunately, we are not eligible to apply for Irish citizenship on the basis that a great grandparent was born in Ireland.  However, an exception DOES exist!  If your parent obtained citizenship (through his/her grandparent) either prior to your birth OR prior to July 1, 1986, you are then eligible to apply for citizenship through your Irish citizen parent.  In that case, you will need to submit records relating to you and your parent.  Please visit our Citizenship By Descent page for information relating to our application services. 

If your parent did NOT obtain citizenship prior to your birth OR prior to July 1, 1986, we regret that the current citizenship laws do not extend eligibility to you.  However, we have been working for a few years to challenge and/or change this limitation and open eligibility to great grandchildren.  The Brexit decision has delayed our efforts a bit as Ireland struggles to keep up with the increased number of citizenship applications, but we hope to resume our efforts in the next year or two at a more appropriate time.  

Our initial discussions with Irish solicitors has revealed that any future change in the eligibility standards may be more beneficial for great grandchildren whose parent has obtained citizenship.  So, if you are a great grandchild who hopes to be eligible to apply for citizenship one day, it may be a good idea for your parent to obtain citizenship now.

Via Adoption

Do you have a parent or grandparent, via adoption, who was born in Ireland?  If so, then you are entitled to the same benefits of citizenship and an Irish passport as a biological children!  There are a few differences in the process for adopted children, however.  First, a few additional records are required, including your adoption and name change records.  In addition, your adoption must first be registered in Ireland before you can apply for citizenship or a passport.  

We do offer services in this regard, and we have had experience in registering over a few dozen adoptions in Ireland.  Please see our pricing and services below. 


Adoption Registration Application Package:  This includes our drafting an application for registration of an adoption in Ireland for the applicant's signature, confirming the applicant's eligibility to apply for adoption registration in Ireland, advising client regarding how to sign application, and the required supporting original documents required.  We will also draft an affidavit to be signed by an adoption attorney practicing in the area in which the adoption was finalized to support the conclusion that the adoption adhered to Ireland's standards.  We will coordinate and submit the application to the Adoption Authority of Ireland, and coordinate with that office regarding any questions or additional information requested. This also includes a one-way mailing fee to the Adoption Authority in Ireland by UPS courier, with tracking in an effort to ensure no original documents are lost in transit.  This fee also includes a certified copy of the adoption registration certificate, which we will obtain once the adoption has been registered.  $400.00